In 1980 Opulence For You salon opened its doors in Danville California. Orginally owned by Gary and Raleen Smith, Opulence was one of the first salons in the bay area to offer natural products and services. Being ahead of the wellness curve Opulence attracted customers that wanted something different than was offered by tradition salons.

In October 2004 the previous owners sold the business to one of their stylist Susanna Stroberg. Susanna was the perfect cantidate to sell the business to because she understood the culture of Opulence for you. Susanna wanted to transform the business to a brand that reflected a lifestyle of the modern day woman.

In 2005 Susanna along with her team transformed Opulence For You Salon to OPIVU. The definition of OPIVU is a new standard of living. The new standard is Luxurious, Natural, Beauty.